My name is Cheryl.  When I find a new blog, just about the first thing I do is check out the “about” page.  Here’s mine.


I’m wife to this man.  We have a wonderful life together, no joke, and I am grateful every day for his love and leadership.


I’m momma to these four.  I’d freeze them if I could, but previous attempts have been unsuccessful.  So I hold them tight and loose and love them to pieces.


I’m a Jesus follower.  I believe I am saved by grace through faith in the saving blood of Jesus Christ.  I do my best to live my life that way.  Sometimes I’m successful.  Sometimes I’m not. Grace covers it all.  Thanks be to God.


I’m a Southerner even though I was born in Minnesota.  My family roots are in Alabama and North Carolina. I live in Georgia, and after twenty-something years I think even my husband is starting to feel some Georgia roots.


I’m a reformed engineer, retired actuary, sell-out shopkeeper, horse farm owner. Really. I think women can be very lucky that we have the opportunity for seasons in our lives, to do lots of different things. My husband wonders what the next season will bring!


I love to sew and cook and read and I’m game for almost any craft. I love to take photographs. I read political and economic blogs for fun. I am super-good at starting things. I am a terrible finisher.

Again, thanks for landing here! Please visit any time.