Writing clearly and succinctly is very hard. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

I have another post drafted, but it had gotten too long and ponderous. Then I saw this posted at Maggie’s Farm today. It comes close to the point I had been trying to make.

It’s this:

The UVA gang-rape scandal, which turns out to be at a minimum mostly untrue, and possibly completely false, has put that school into a turmoil and dominated media time in the past few weeks. The “fact” of the rape, not the fabrication, is what has been taking up the attention. There are a couple of other college rapes that have added fuel to the fire, even though they might be false, too. The accused in all these cases are young white men.

A couple of months ago a horrific story came out in the UK. In the small town of Rotherham, there was a ring of Pakistini men raping and enslaving English girls. Fourteen hundred of them over twenty years. 1,400. Think about that. Even the police were aware of it. It splashed into the newspapers and since then has hardly made a ripple. That this happened is an absolute fact. The criminals are Pakistini Muslims. There has been virtually no mention of this crime in any newspapers since mid-September.

Why? What is gained by screaming over what becomes nothing? And ignoring the genuine crime that was committed in England? Why can’t we talk about who the criminals are? What is going on?

What are we missing when we don’t confront real evil?

Go read the article. This is linked inside the Maggie’s Farm post and in particular is quite good.