Thank you for visiting.  This is the first post, obviously, in my new blog, with my very own url!  I’ve decided to dip my toe back in the blogging world because I miss the record it created for my family, and because I loved having a forum to share the things we were working on, doing, and learning.  So I’m back.


Why “Holding Butterflies?” A long time ago I realized that as much as I loved my children and my life exactly as it was, it was bound to change.  Held too tightly, my children wouldn’t have the freedom to grow and stretch and become fully the people God had created them to be.  Held too loosely, well, I’d miss out–actually, we ALL would miss out.  There is a balance, and it’s a lot like when you try to hold a butterfly.  And that image has guided me a lot ever since.


And what are we working on, doing, learning?  So much.  Our horse farm, Shady Oaks.  A new home there, new arena and fencing and friends.  Football and wrestling and running.  Algebra and English and trombone and guitar and piano.  Becoming a CEO. Quilting. Canning. Laundry. Hopefully, doing it with our eyes on the life that God would have us to lead. Not always succeeding.


Please be a little patient as I work around with the format.  I like to use a lot of photographs and there are lots of WordPress themes that are so cool.  I’ll try to limit myself.