linkyThanks so much for stopping by! This is the landing page for my 31 Days blogging challenge. Every single post will be linked here.

Right up front, you need to know I don’t have a theme this year. My theme is to actually write every day! I have tons of blogs in my reader, but some of my favorites are just glimpses into other people’s everyday lives.  That’s what I’m going to share here, just a little of us.  We have an…interesting October planned:  the usual fall football fun, farm construction, breaking ground on our new house (I hope I hope!), a trip to Dominican Republic with HOPE International, shingles recovery.

I’m so grateful you clicked on my little linky and landed here.  Please look around–not much here yet!–and leave a comment.  Here’s my list of posts:

October 1

October 2:  I was scared. Are you?

October 3:  Recovered.

October 4:  Explaining myself.

October 5: Housekeeping

October 6: Honest Answers

October 7: Scenes from our life

October 8:  When you just keep writing…

October 9:  Another benefit of blogging

October 10:  Sharing Hope

October 11: Still in Dominican Republic!

October 12: One HOPEful weekend

October 13:  Re-entry

October 14:  Sunshine turns 11

October 15:  Every loan has a story.

October 16: Is it beautiful?

October 17: The Landlady

October 18:  Final Thoughts on HOPE

October 19: An ordinary blog

October 20: Creative Accounting, 10/20

October 21: Promises, promises.