Holding Butterflies

Not too tight, not too loose

Whole30, Day Seven. Changin’ it up.

Wednesdays are my quiet day around here. We usually eat at my mom and dad’s on Wednesdays, and this week my sweet mom made homemade ketchup! Because of our crazy Whole30 thing she fixed a whole Paleo meal: pork chops cooked with onions and ketchup, potatoes and green beans. It was really sweet. Oh! I also made the salmon cakes that are in the It Starts With Food book. They were wonderful! A couple of the kids took them for lunches today. The others took the barbecue. No one took the slaw from yesterday. But the big thing today was that I changed the rules on the kids. I started thinking about how I had basically given them absolutely no choice on their lunches, and they also didn’t have much of a choice when it comes to social outings. For example, Paige had a meeting at school today at lunch. They served pizza! Of course I let Paige eat lunch with her friends but it got me thinking. I haven’t.. Read More

On Day Six I fed a crowd.

Bunco night! Usually a fun night for me, especially when I host. I love finding a fun theme and then pulling together an interesting menu complete with a couple of yummy desserts and a great mixed drink. Just typing that makes me sad. Bunco is a simple little dice game–it’s really a good excuse to get together and chat with friends. My group has been meeting together for more than fourteen years! I really love these women. What a disappointment to realize that Bunco night was day six, and worse yet I was hosting! I had two choices: I could just go to the store and buy all of my party food ready-made, and cook for the kids; or I could just cook Whole30 and let the kids eat the food I prepared for my friends. I went with the second choice, a bold move! I decided to make a slow-cooker pork roast and barbecue sauce and go with barbecue as a “theme.” I was inspired by Nom Nom Paleo’s.. Read More