Holding Butterflies

Not too tight, not too loose

Whole30. Day Four.

I’m not going to lie. I am cooking all the time. I mean, all the time. Today I made ketchup, for goodness’ sake. This diet may do me in just because it seems like all I am doing is cooking, or thinking about cooking, or cleaning up from cooking, or shopping. It is taking a lot of energy and time, and that is really eating into the laundry time around here. I may need to rethink my priorities. This morning I made an awesome breakfast. I would order this in a restaurant, no lie. Steam some asparagus, toss it in a frying pan with ghee and sliced prosciutto, add some eggs and stir til almost set. Run it under to broiler so the eggs get puffy and slightly brown and delicious. Don’t forget the salt and pepper. It almost made up for my black coffee. I’ve started following the @whole30recipes feed on Instagram, and so I decided to make the vegetable curry for lunch today. We ate it with leftover.. Read More

Whole30. Day Two. (And Three.)

Yes, day two was actually yesterday (Friday). The natives are getting restless and claiming I am trying to starve them out. Yesterday I cooked a six-pound pork shoulder–Kalua Slow-Cooker Pork–so obviously they are right. The pork was good but I really wanted to pour a bunch of barbecue sauce on the side! It was just so terribly porky. Pork has dark and light meat, and sometimes that dark meat has a flavor that is really strong. I also fixed cole slaw with that homemade mayonnaise, baked potatoes, broccoli, and assorted fruit. Yes, obviously starving. One thing I realized yesterday is that, without sugar as an option even as a seasoning, flavors can go to the tart side really fast. The homemade mayo is amazing, but tangy, and the coleslaw really needed another flavor to balance out the tart. I think now I might have grated a little apple with it, but without sweetness flavors can be one-dimensional. I need to think about this more. Today I am fixing a huge.. Read More

Costa Rica

We took a truly memorable trip to Costa Rica between Christmas and New Year’s Day to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. My sister’s family came, too, so we were thirteen for our six days on the Pacific Coast. Have you been? We were blown away at the sheer beauty of the country, from the rugged coastline to the beautiful mountains in the interior, from coffee plantations in the north to the palm plantations further to the south. On top of the the incredible natural beauty we experienced the great hospitality of the Costa Rican people. The country feels, if not prosperous, then comfortable. Compared to every other country we have been to in Central America and the Caribbean, Costa Rica feels safe and really middle-class. No need for a stay on a walled compound here! Our hotel was magnificent, perched high above the Pacific with views like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We had a little problem with our hotel room, so Bill and I ended up being upgraded.. Read More

Whole30. Oh yeah, we’re going there.

We’ve had an entire fall, and maybe longer, of excess. It’s time for a reset. Several blogs I read (including Modern Mrs. Darcy) have done Whole30 and have had good success with a diet reset. We are in need of an adjustment of our taste buds and eating habits (if I adjust my waistline that will be a very welcome bonus) and so Whole30 sounded like a good approach. The basic idea is to cut out sugars, grains, dairy and legumes (and alcohol). So what’s left? Proteins, veggies, fruit and limited fats and nuts. My kids and I can consume massive quantities of sugar, so that seemed like a good reason to go on Whole30. At least, it seemed like a good idea yesterday before I went to the grocery store! So today, I clarified butter, cooked beef broth, and roasted chickens. Before breakfast. We had chili for dinner (and it tasted good but the kids missed the beans!) and I made homemade mayonnaise. Have you ever made mayonnaise? Shut.. Read More

Happy New Year!

Back to the blog, slightly rested. We got home a couple of days ago from a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. My whole family went–it was a celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I’m looking forward to a couple of posts about lovely Costa Rica. With any luck our first visit won’t be our last. Since we’ve come home, we haven’t seen the sun. The boys have had wrestling tournaments two of the last three days, and the girls decided that a Harry Potter movie marathon was a pretty good antidote to all the outdoor/beach/sun time they’d had over the last few days. I’ve been raking out my sewing room and working on some goal setting with Bill. We are looking forward to a good 2o15 and are glad to put 2014 behind us. I’ll share a little more about my goals later, as well. Just wanted to check in and let you know we are still here. In spite of all the rain in the last couple of.. Read More