I discovered “Five-Minute Fridays” back when I was doing the 31-days blog challenge. The prompt, just one word, is posted and then I write about that word for five minutes. (I even set a timer!) Well, it isn’t Friday, but I did think I’d hop in with this. Maybe it will make you think about Advent and preparations. The word:¬† PREPARE I saw this week’s work and immediately thought of Advent, that season that is supposed to be so full of reflection and peace but is more often (at least for me( frantic and stressful. Something I heard in the Daily¬† Audio Bible readings this week had me thinking about Advent, too. Here we are in the season of preparation, because that’s what Advent is. We prepare for the arrival of the Christ-child, God made flesh. We prepare our homes and hearts as we remember the Baby’s arrival. And then the church calendar has us off and running through Jesus’ life, so that somehow four months or so after we.. Read More