I just finished watching all nine–NINE!!–seasons of The Office on Netflix. It kept me company while I was sewing or folding laundry, and occasionally while I was cooking. Yes, that is a lot of laundry. Did you ever watch this show? Bill and I watched almost every week for the first few seasons and then we just lost interest. It was fun to see the story arc as the show moved from season to season. Frankly, seasons 7 and 8 were a train wreck. But if you ever watched and enjoyed the first couple of seasons, it is worth watching the last two shows of the series. They were pitch-perfect, so sweet that I’ve actually watched them twice and might watch them again. But the reason I wanted to blog this is for Pam’s sweet statements at the end of the show.  In this clip, her last statement makes up the last words of the whole series. And it even gave me something to think about in the midst of.. Read More