Welcome to my blog! If you’re here, you probably clicked on my button on the “Write 31 Days” challenge site. This month I’m writing about travel with your family, sharing ideas, tips and destinations that we’ve discovered in 17 years of traveling with our four kids.

The challenge is over. While I didn’t post every single day, there is a ton of information here to help you think about your family vacations in a new and deeper way. I blog about our vacations on an ongoing basis, too, so check back in and I’ll share where we are headed.

October 1: On our way!

October 2: The first question isn’t “Where.”

October 3: Competing Interests

October 4: Keeping the Biggest Picture in Mind

October 5: What Makes It “Epic?”

October 6: How to Approach the Logistics

October 7: Can you do epic in a weekend?

October 8: Epic in a Week

October 9: Ten days is our new favorite.

October 10: Mobilizing the Army

October 11: Research and Planning

October 14: Go native.

October 15: Dealing with Jet Lag

October 18: The best times to use a travel agent.

October 19: Where to Lay Your Head

October 20: Private Guides

October 21: In Praise of Small Museums

October 22: When Bad Things Happen

October 26: Don’t forget to remember.

October 28: Smile for the Camera!

October 28: While You’re Out

November 1: Travel Odds and Ends