It’s late, so I think I’ll try a list of the high points, or just things to remember, from the the week just passed:

Character day. I think Paige made a pretty good Katniss.
Western day, obviously. Don’t all cowgirls tie bandannas in their hair?

It was homecoming week at school, which meant the kids dressed up every single day. When you wear uniforms all the time, a week of choosing your clothes was exciting! And exhausting. I’m so glad we are back to uniforms tomorrow.

I was afraid the gray on the right turned purple. Now I’ve decided that I’m okay being “the house with the lavender barn.”

I painted! These were my two choices on the garage. Each one is a darker color with a lighter one dry-brushed over it, to give it a weathered look. Thank goodness I don’t dry-brush for a living. Also we are going with the lighter one. (The house is white.)


I painted! Actually got out my watercolors and painted. It was unbelievably relaxing. I think I haven’t painted in about four years. It’s one of those things I’m not very good at but really enjoy while I’m doing it. Yay for me!

Darcy canoeing at Rock Eagle. Bill managed to give his lounging away–those are his feet!

It rained. And rained. And rained. We are eagerly awaiting the completion of the covered arena. I hope we see the sun this week! Bill was the chaperon for Darcy’s Rock Eagle field trip this week, his first time on an overnight trip. Less rain there than here at home helped them have a great trip.

That’s a brand new smile.

Matthew got his braces off. I think he looks so handsome…and more grown up. Sigh.

That’s a 56-35 smile.
No pictures, please. I just set a PR.

The football team won! And the cross-country team came in first! Matthew played a great game and Jack set yet another personal record.

1003a-1 1003a-2

Both of my high schoolers went to the Homecoming Dance. Don’t they look great? I think so. I especially love the “Blue Steel” look.

Care to share a high point in your week? Please comment!