Oops, a week in review in the middle of the week.  We are deep into the fall routine, and I actually had to check the pictures on my phone to help me remember what we did!

Construction continues in dribs and drabs, as it is wont to do. Except I had a huge problem with my covered arena! I’m not sure if I’ve talked about the fact that we have four construction projects going on right now and I’m about to lose my mind. The house is the obvious project, and we also have a covered riding arena going in. The grading for the arena is done, and the building is in fabrication. The next step is the concrete foundation work. It’s challenging because everything is new to me and I’m on a steep learning curve. We’ve also got the plans for a party barn that we want to get started–our builder wants to put that in at the same time he builds the pool house. And so the pool and pool house are project #4. I need a score sheet just for contractors!

Anyway, we had a pretty dramatic setback with the covered arena last week. It shouldn’t affect the delivery date but it is giving me gray hair right now. I think the issue should be settled by Thursday but it has been a tense few days.


That’s an x-ray of our little Chico’s pelvis. Somehow he injured himself in his cage. Chico is our chinchilla. If you’ve never been around one, I highly recommend it. He is very social, and right now he is unhappy because he has been confined to a tiny cage while he heals. It’s always helpful having vets for neighbors–we were able to get a diagnosis really fast!

That’s my #60!
Coach Brantley was named Atlanta Falcons Coach of the Week last week, a huge honor.

Our football game was one of the best I’ve ever seen…and it ended in a loss. Our boys thought they had one snap left on a first down with five seconds left on the one yard line, but the refs said it was a fourth down and let the clock run out. Tragic. There were quite a few tears in the huddle after the game, but I was so proud of our team as the head coach told the boys how well they had played (they had!) and how much he loved them.  It was a moment that made me sure that for now, our school is just the place I want my kids.

No autographs, please. I just set a PR.

The next morning, bright and early, Jack set a new Personal Record on his 5k time at the Cross Country meet. His team placed first in A division schools–War Eagle!!

The weather here has been drab, especially considering that late September is usually a clear, brilliant blue. It’s starting to affect all of our moods, and the intermittent rain makes it hard to plan on actual outdoor time. Obviously that covered riding arena can’t get built soon enough.

Darcy and Bill took off for an overnight field trip at a 4-H camp with the entire sixth grade. They are back with smelly laundry (how does it get that smelly in 36 hours?) and tales to tell. We are looking forward to a fun homecoming weekend at the high school, and maybe even some time to grill out.


Finally, starting October 1 I’ll be participating in the “Write 31 Days” challenge. We’ve taken a ton of vacations, mostly great and some less great, and so I decided to write about all that fun. I hope you’ll join me as I share some of what we’ve learned in 17 years of vacations near and far with our four kids.

Have a great week!