My heavens. This has been one crazy weekend, and I don’t remember one quite like it for a while. I checked the girls out of school at 1 p.m. on Friday to go to Columbus for a horse show and watched them along with other girls from our barn school cross-country. That is the fancy term for practicing the cross-country course before the show.

Darcy schooling cross country on her girl Lucy.

I hopped back in my minivan and drove back to school for the 7:30 football game. My football player is a junior, and we only have FOUR home games this year, so I am doing everything I can to be at every single game. I love being a football mom, love the other football moms, and love those boys. It is a special culture.

That’s my #60!

Back to Columbus (about an hour and fifteen minutes every time) to go to sleep around 11:45. I woke up at 5:50 in one of those “holy cow, where am I?” moments, and realized that I had to be downstairs for breakfast in a little more than an hour. We had a long but incredibly rewarding day at the show. We had six riders from our barn, and everyone finished in ribbons. Hooray! Meanwhile, Jack had a cross-country meet on Saturday morning. And in the epic parenting department, we discovered that what Matthew had described as “quiz bowl practice or something” was actually a meet in Braselton, Georgia, about two hours from campus! I discovered this because some of my friends on Facebook are quiz bowl moms, and they had very responsibly posted pictures. Awesome.

Paige taking her boy Bailey over a jump in Stadium. She went double-clear! (no jumping penalties, no time faults)
Darcy and Lucy in cross-country.
Shady Oaks girls watching one of their own ride.
End of the day = a little crazy!

So that is a weekend of football, horse shows, cross-country meet, and quiz bowl. It gets…more.

We arrived home at the barn around 8 p.m. with all the horses. One of them had bumped his head when, as he loaded on the trailer, he decided to rear and back out. We had thought it wasn’t too bad, and made the one-hour trip home. On our arrival, we saw that poor Johnni P had blood dripping on his head and had in fact tried to scalp himself on the trailer. A call to the vet resulted in twelve stitches and an extra hour at the barn.

Dr. Matt fixes Johnni’s head…while Mr. Terry orders dinner.

Bill’s dad John is visiting this weekend, too. I’m afraid he has discovered that we aren’t exaggerating when we say our weekends are jam-packed! He has been to the game and the show, but not the meet or the other meet. (I’m a terrible quiz bowl mom–don’t even know what to call it!)

The results from Saturday? The football team won, 35-13, all six of our Shady Oaks riders finished in the ribbons, Jack’s cross-country team placed first in A-division Cross-country (and continue to be ranked #1 in A in Georgia), and Matthew’s quiz bowl (the “B” team at their school) placed 4th out of ten teams. I think the kids have a lot to feel good about.

Sunday, today, is typically restful. Not so much today. I was worship assistant with our wonderful Pastor Buba, a member of our church but also the director of international missions for our entire denomination. What great fun to help lead worship with him! I highly recommend his Vimeo videos (here’s a sample) to get a flavor of what we are doing to reach nations where it is dangerous to preach the Gospel in person. He delivered an amazing sermon. How cool is it when the kids come home talking about the different points he made in the sermon. Pastor Buba really made an impact on them as he talked about “Alpha and Omega,” and everything that comes in between.

We did get a chance to eat all around the table for a (veeeeeery) late lunch, which is just such a joy to me because I think it reminds us all that not only do we love each other, because we are family, but we truly like each other. We laugh a lot.

This evening we had the great privilege of going to a celebratory dinner for our very first pastor and his wife, celebrating his (really, their) FIFTY years in the ministry as Naval chaplain and Lutheran pastor. What a delight to be with our friends to celebrate this sweet couple. Pastor Larry taught Darcy her First Communion Class, and he has been such a steadfast presence in our lives for the last five years.

Just writing this is exhausting, and that was only the weekend! The new farmhouse continues apace, and I have so many thoughts about the building process. Mostly right now I just want to be sitting on my front porch typing this. That feels like it is a long time away.

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend as well. It looks like this week will lend itself to a calmer weekend, which will be welcome. It also looks like the weather should finally get cooler and more fall-like, which we will definitely be happy about around here!