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Okay, today my life really didn’t revolve around our food. I will pay for that tomorrow! Today the boys wrestled. It was a decent showing for my boys and an excellent one for the team, so I guess that makes it worth the hour-and-forty-minute drive to the school.

Eating at events like this can be a challenge even when we aren’t trying to modify our diet. I’ve yet to see a concession stand that even carries granola bars. So today I packed Larabars, some paleo trail mix, bananas, and chicken nuggets for my boys. Considering that I usually pack money and send them to the concession stand, this was a feast!

Here’s the scoop on the chicken nuggets: They are really yummy, but not exactly a crispy substitute for our beloved Chick-Fil-A. The recipe calls for almond flour which is of course just ground almonds. It tastes good but is definitely a nut coating. I’m making them again this week (two meets!) and I may try a mix of coconut and almond flour for at least some of them.

After a day on the road, we are all looking forward to a quiet day at home. And a long weekend! Hooray!