Whole30. First, Larabars. Thank you, God, for Larabars. They are energy bars, Whole30 approved, and I was able to buy them at Publix and bring them to my wrestlers before practice. You would have thought it was actual manna from heaven. The girls also had one. I tried theirs and they were yummy–but I know the girls’ tastes have already started to shift because they absolutely wouldn’t have found them sweet enough even a week ago!

Another frittata with asparagus and prosciutto for breakfast today. Lunch was a scrounge-in-the-fridge affair for all of us. I marinated a London Broil in a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and salt/pepper, tossed it in the oven and slow-cooked it for several hours. We had that along with the leftover curry and some dairy-free mashed potatoes. The sauce from the curry was just so good we needed something to soak it up with. Potatoes were just added recently to the “okay” list for Whole30, so we were good.

Bill left town today and I did a ton of driving. So much, in fact, that I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store for my big run. No laundry, either. AND–I am hosting my Bunco group tomorrow and I simply have no idea what we will eat. Even if I serve non-Whole30 (very likely), I don’t know what it will be!

I’ve got to get a longer horizon for cooking and shopping than 36 hours. I’m not sure that will happen anytime this week, but maybe next. With Bill out of town and tons going on this week, I may just try to survive each day!