Here we go, a summary of the (more) creative things I’ve been working on since the last time I posted a “Creative Accounting” back on October 20.


Those pillows? Done! I like them, don’t love them, because I think they are too small. But I loved making the patches and think they would make a great quilt. I do love the colors and prints together, even though they may look too busy to some eyes. I’m a sucker for AMH prints.


In my last post I mentioned an Alabama Chanin patch I was sewing. Here is a skirt panel I’ve finished the reverse applique´on. The other three panels don’t have as much embellishing and so they should be straightforward to put together. (The AMH Lemon Drop tunic? Dead in the water right now!)


Bippity boppity boo:  I finished this fairy godmother robe for Paige in two looooong evenings of work. It started with 18 yards of sparkle satin! The longest steps were the cutting at the beginning and hemming at the end. We both loved how it turned out and she looked adorable in it for her middle school drama showcase.


I finished the hat that I was working on six weeks ago and sent it to its recipient, but neglected to take a picture. I hope it is keeping his ears warm–he’s serving in a really cold place right now. Here is another hat I’ve just started, a little lacey tam in a lovely blue merino wool embellished with glass beads. Paige also thinks she’s laid claim to this, but we may fight over it.

In the cooking department, I made this:


If you follow me on Instagram, you know this was the world’s ugliest pie that I had made for Thanksgiving. I couldn’t possibly serve that one, so I made a second (beautiful) pie on Thanksgiving morning. Because I needed one more thing to stress about with 29 people coming over for dinner! Anyway, this one did taste almost as delicious as the beautiful one. So, yay! Two apple pies.

I am not dumb enough to try to knit or sew anything for someone’s Christmas present, although I’m not above making some jelly or preserves. But I have plenty of time this month at wrestling matches to get some serious knitting or hand-sewing in. We’ll see what I get done.

Are you working on anything fun? Or a never-ending project that doesn’t want to get finished? Share it!