I thought that a review of the month would be my last post. But in reviewing my blog, I think it is better as two posts instead. Today, I want to review how this 31-day blog experiment has gone for me, what looks like it worked and what didn’t. Tomorrow, my post will be more forward-looking, to let you know where I’d like to go with this blog.

I took on the 31-day blogging challenge only to see if I wanted to start blogging again. I didn’t have a topic–I was almost purposefully random. I definitely “tried on” different kinds of posts as the month went along. Some felt natural. Others were much less so, and I’m sure those stood out!

I liked sharing the two Bible verses that I wrote about this month (a Proverb and several stories from Jeremiah).

I loved having a bloggable article that hits me where I live and makes me think. I love having a place like this to ruminate. (Other people have empty rooms…I have my blog! lol)

I liked my “This is what we did on a random day” posts. I’ve already forgotten some of those things, and I don’t know I would even have written about them in a journal. Kind of related to that are the “Week in Review” posts. I used to do those posts on Friday, but that won’t work in our current world. I might move them to Sunday evenings.

Most of all, I loved being able to share about our HOPE trip to the Dominican Republic. They are doing amazing work in poverty alleviation. I am happy to help spread their message.

I’m not a “mommy blogger.” First, my kids are too old. Second, my “wise woman” posts feel dumb and sound dumber.

I thought I’d blog more about crafts, or food, or clothes. Or horses. I don’t know how I did so little of that.

I absolutely despise the tech side of blogging. When my pictures went away I thought I was done for. I want to change the look of my blog, and some things like the comment area, but I will pay someone rather than frustrate myself.

I actually blogged less about my kids than I thought, too. I mean, I don’t really think I got into their lives in an intrusive way. They have read my posts and are fine with them, so there you are. But I’m not really worried about violating their privacy because I don’t think I saw a tendency to over-share.

I need to edit better before I hit publish. Too many typos, and too many awkward sentences.

I had a post about an ordinary life. It’s a pretty good description of how I feel about my best blogging.

I think I know where I want to go with my blog now. Tomorrow I’ll share that.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a recent text exchange. Thank God for good friends. And texting.


If you’ve read any of my old posts, did any one of them stand out in a good or bad way? And if you blogged through this October, what have you learned about your writing?