Today’s readings Gospel: Mark 1:21-28 Last week, Jesus called His first disciples. Today, He makes His first public appearance in the book of Mark. Jesus is with His disciples in Capernaum, a mid-sized town of about 10,000, significantly larger than Nazareth. This is Jesus’ adult hometown, and He would have been known here. It’s the Sabbath and the men of the town have gathered to hear the Torah read and discussed as usual. But today isn’t usual. We see a demon-possessed man accuse Jesus, and we watch Jesus cast that demon out. But let’s back up a little. Jesus and His disciples entered the synagogue. This is a word we haven’t encountered in a while. How is it different from the Temple in Jerusalem? Synagogues originated during the Babylonian exile around 500 B.C. Jews in Babylon began gathering to read and discuss the Torah. The word “synagogue” actually comes from the Greek words for “gather together.” Over time, the habit became using the Sabbath to gather to listen to the Torah. (Yes,.. Read More