Today’s readings Huge apologies for the lateness of this lesson. I hope you are having a good week! Gospel: Mark 1:14-20 This week seems to overlap with last week’s reading in John, where Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael. Remember that we went back and looked at the verses that preceded last week’s reading, meeting Andrew, Peter and John. This week is about the call of Andrew, Simon Peter, James and John. Immediately before this passage, Jesus has been baptized by John the Baptist. He then, in verses 12 and 13, retreats to the wilderness for a period of testing. That brings us to today’s reading, which actually has two pieces. The first, verses 14 and 15, tells us about Jesus’ preaching in Galilee. We then move to the Sea of Galilee and watch Jesus call disciples. In fact, both of these passages were very important to Martin Luther, and we’ll discuss that later. We find that John has already been arrested when this passage starts. Then in verse 15, Jesus.. Read More