Welcome to our house! Excuse the mess; it’s still under construction. But we are getting close. We’ve owned two houses in twenty years, but in those houses Bill and I have finished basements, gutted a kitchen and bathroom, installed extensive hardscaping, and built pools and decks. This farmhouse is our first (and last?) experience in new construction. Building the house wasn’t even on our radar a couple of years ago. We had finally emerged from an extensive to-the-studs renovation of the main floor of our house, and we were happy with most of the results. At our horse farm, we had acquired a ten-acre tract that gave the farm its “natural boundaries” of Shoal Creek on two sides and roads on the other two. Included in the purchase were the two meth houses (actual meth houses, I wish I were kidding) on the property and the right to boot their tenants out. I like to say that Coweta County should have paid us to tear down those houses because everyone’s.. Read More