Thank you for reading my series! Even though I missed a couple of days, I have had so much fun recounting our family vacations as I’ve written this series. Since October is over, though, I’ll close with a few thoughts about doing the unexpected. Some of our favorite vacation memories come from doing the thing that “other people” do, not us. The thing that seemed too fancy, or indulgent. It turns out they weren’t. They were, well, just awesome things to do. We hired a private sailboat in Maine. The wonderful captain and his mate took us out for a two-hour cruise up and down the coast near Ogunquit. We got to pass under the (drawn) drawbridge, we saw whales, and all the kids got a turn at the wheel.  Bill had taken the kids out on a larger boat, with a larger group, to go deep-sea fishing. The opportunity to have the sailboat all to ourselves, though, was a real treat. (It’s the Silverlining, if you are ever near.. Read More