We’ve never had the flexibility from my husband’s job to take a truly extended vacation. It was my dream to take a year off and travel the world with the kids, but now that high school graduations are on the horizon that is a dream that goes back on the shelf. You know what? That’s okay. We continue to have deeply satisfying vacations without leaving for a year, or even a month. It’s absolutely possible to have great trips even over long weekends. So how do we choose a vacation length? A long weekend Pros: Super-easy to schedule, less expensive, ideal for exploring just one or two attractions Cons: Destinations are more restricted because of limited transit time, harder to make a mental break in a short time I’ve found that the best long weekends are centered around an event, like a football game or wedding. The event give you some structure and a dedicated time to do something together, away from technology. One of our long weekends that comes.. Read More