I think I might have gone down a rabbit hole yesterday on the whole idea of working out various interests. Respecting each individual is important, but we’ve gone there and done that. Let’s move on. What exactly makes a vacation truly great? We’ve found that it takes three things: We’ve chosen something and somewhere that fills a need for our family’s life right now. We’re taking the right attitude towards logistics: be realistic and well prepared about what we can control. The things we can’t? RELAX. We’re fully present once we’re away from home. That means ditching work, turning off the technology, and being open and willing to experience new things together. It seems like every trip offers its own challenges on each of these three fronts! Are you shocked that it doesn’t include amazing sights, or great theater, or a beautiful cathedral, or an encounter with people who touch your heart? Any of these contribute to great trips. But I’ve found that life-changing family travel is at least 75%.. Read More