That’s what a sleeping blog is. The mere idea of posting again, no matter how small, becomes daunting. But I’m waking this blog up! So here’s where we are right now. Summer was fun but FAST. I mean, I blinked and it was over. Tons of traveling for all of us, some together and some independent. It changed how we viewed our summer, not as a series of warm, lazy days spooling out, but more as chunks, weeks we were here and weeks we were there. The house construction continues, more slowly than I’d like, and we have a huge variety of things going on at the farm. And now school has started again and we find ourselves in a whirl of football and cross country and riding and homework and work and laundry. And I know more than anything that it will speed by in a blur if I can’t stop myself and notice the precious ordinary beautiful days that make up our life. Here’s a glimpse of the.. Read More