Holding Butterflies

Not too tight, not too loose

Week in review…9/29!

Oops, a week in review in the middle of the week.  We are deep into the fall routine, and I actually had to check the pictures on my phone to help me remember what we did! Construction continues in dribs and drabs, as it is wont to do. Except I had a huge problem with my covered arena! I’m not sure if I’ve talked about the fact that we have.. Read More

Week(end) in Review, 9/20

My heavens. This has been one crazy weekend, and I don’t remember one quite like it for a while. I checked the girls out of school at 1 p.m. on Friday to go to Columbus for a horse show and watched them along with other girls from our barn school cross-country. That is the fancy term for practicing the cross-country course before the show. I hopped back in my minivan.. Read More

Worse than writer’s block…

That’s what a sleeping blog is. The mere idea of posting again, no matter how small, becomes daunting. But I’m waking this blog up! So here’s where we are right now. Summer was fun but FAST. I mean, I blinked and it was over. Tons of traveling for all of us, some together and some independent. It changed how we viewed our summer, not as a series of warm, lazy.. Read More