I was in a muddle most of January. In the whirl of wrapping up loose ends from 2014, and deciding on new things for 2015, and getting on with life and four busy kids, I’ve felt a little lost. The weather has been unpleasantly unpredictable, to boot. Add the stress of a new home that I just want to start building already (but keeps getting held up by silly things like septic permits) and it wasn’t the greatest month. And it’s easy to dwell on that. Modern Mrs. Darcy had a post a day or two ago where she talked about the things and ideas saving her in the midst of a gloomy Chicago winter. I didn’t think I’d want to link up, but as I counted the things I’ve really enjoyed this month, my mood lightened and I find myself looking forward to February. So here are a few things that are saving me right now: This boy, Dr. Finnegan. I get out to ride as much as possible… Read More