I have come to the conclusion that if I continue writing every single day about Whole30 I will die of boredom. I’m done. Of course we will keep on doing it, and I’ll give a summary every few days. You can always check my Pinterest board to get some ideas of what is good for dinner. But I think about a lot more than food, usually. And I just really want to write about it. And if you spend some time reading, well, what an honor. Thank you. So here’s something. Of course Penelope Trunk was off on one of her rants about how school is terrible. She linked to an article where a guy who funds lots of start-ups says that one of the big problems is that people who do start-ups aren’t good at doing the start-up. They are good at looking like a person who does a start-up. And so they spend some money and start looking for the trick. The short-cut. Maybe they don’t even realize.. Read More