Bill’s trip is starting to seem really long. When you can’t really eat out the weekend gets kind of long! I hadn’t realized how I look forward to that. I know we COULD find something to eat but it seems like a big challenge. Before I get to today’s menu, some news. I now have a Paleo/Whole30 Pinterest Board! You can go there for all of the recipe links in my blog posts, in one place. I’ll make a note if a pinned recipe there is one that I haven’t tried yet. So breakfast was hash, of course, with the meat of choice for each kid and potatoes, and eggs if they wanted them. It sounds like a hassle, but I timed myself and breakfast for five was totally made in five minutes. That is pretty quick. The kids love drumsticks, so I cooked some more to have for lunch and then also on hand for later. This is such a quick and easy recipe. We also made some zucchini.. Read More