Holding Butterflies

Not too tight, not too loose

Whole30 on Day 20

Hey! I think it’s time I summarized our Whole30 experience. We are on Day 20, going strong. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been eating, with some random thoughts about how it’s going. I’ve tried to link to the recipes I found on the internet. I’m also using Well Fed 2, and I really like that cookbook. I have to say that between this book and NomNom Paleo we have indeed been well fed. Back on Day 12 we were firmly established in the “hash for breakfast” routine, and that continues to be our breakfast routine. This was also a day to eat dinner out. My in-laws invited us over for my sweet father-in-law’s birthday. With some careful eating and not too many questions I was able to stay approximately on Whole30. My MIL had fixed pork roast with potatoes and carrots, along with a salad and some other vegetables. I made it work and didn’t police the kids too closely. Besides, under the new rules they were free to.. Read More

A trip to the farm

For my photography class I had to practice a little composition. Darcy and I went to the farm and then the bookstore on Saturday. These are just a couple of my favorites from the shoot. We went to the farm because…the surveyors staked our our property lines!! Yay!! This is a big deal. Our farm consists of about eight pieces of property. We are redrawing the property lines to have the farm on most of the land, with our home carved out on about five acres. All of this has to be filed with the county before we can get started building. Like paint drying, I tell you. At any rate, it was a lovely day to take pictures.

This has got to stop.

I have come to the conclusion that if I continue writing every single day about Whole30 I will die of boredom. I’m done. Of course we will keep on doing it, and I’ll give a summary every few days. You can always check my Pinterest board to get some ideas of what is good for dinner. But I think about a lot more than food, usually. And I just really want to write about it. And if you spend some time reading, well, what an honor. Thank you. So here’s something. Of course Penelope Trunk was off on one of her rants about how school is terrible. She linked to an article where a guy who funds lots of start-ups says that one of the big problems is that people who do start-ups aren’t good at doing the start-up. They are good at looking like a person who does a start-up. And so they spend some money and start looking for the trick. The short-cut. Maybe they don’t even realize.. Read More

Whole30, Day Eleven.

Bill’s trip is starting to seem really long. When you can’t really eat out the weekend gets kind of long! I hadn’t realized how I look forward to that. I know we COULD find something to eat but it seems like a big challenge. Before I get to today’s menu, some news. I now have a Paleo/Whole30 Pinterest Board! You can go there for all of the recipe links in my blog posts, in one place. I’ll make a note if a pinned recipe there is one that I haven’t tried yet. So breakfast was hash, of course, with the meat of choice for each kid and potatoes, and eggs if they wanted them. It sounds like a hassle, but I timed myself and breakfast for five was totally made in five minutes. That is pretty quick. The kids love drumsticks, so I cooked some more to have for lunch and then also on hand for later. This is such a quick and easy recipe. We also made some zucchini.. Read More

Wrestling with Whole30. Day 10.

Okay, today my life really didn’t revolve around our food. I will pay for that tomorrow! Today the boys wrestled. It was a decent showing for my boys and an excellent one for the team, so I guess that makes it worth the hour-and-forty-minute drive to the school. Eating at events like this can be a challenge even when we aren’t trying to modify our diet. I’ve yet to see a concession stand that even carries granola bars. So today I packed Larabars, some paleo trail mix, bananas, and chicken nuggets for my boys. Considering that I usually pack money and send them to the concession stand, this was a feast! Here’s the scoop on the chicken nuggets: They are really yummy, but not exactly a crispy substitute for our beloved Chick-Fil-A. The recipe calls for almond flour which is of course just ground almonds. It tastes good but is definitely a nut coating. I’m making them again this week (two meets!) and I may try a mix of coconut.. Read More

Whole30, Day Nine. Meh.

The picture has nothing to do with anything. I just liked it. I was shooting today while the girls took a ride and the sun made his appearance. We are on hump-day of Bill’s nine day trip to Shanghai. We haven’t had bread in nine days. We are over it. That’s not completely true. Let’s take a moment to talk about breakfast. My boys are sometime breakfast eaters at home, and the girls don’t touch it on the weekdays. (Weekends are pancake days for them.) But they love to stop at Chick-Fil-A and Dunkin’ Donuts on their way to school with their dad. Obviously those stops aren’t Whole30-compliant, so breakfast has become more of a real meal for all of the kids at home. And they are loving it. We have finally settled on breakfast hash as our dish of choice. The girls stop at meat cooked with some potatoes and onion, while the boys like an egg scrambled in and run under the broiler. (I agree with the boys.).. Read More

Refreshed on Day 8.

At one point while I was writing yesterday’s post, I woke up with my head on the desk. I was that tired. So it seems a little incoherent, and I was going to rewrite it, but I think I’ll leave it. And review. I had some grim kids last night. Seriously hostile. Since I’m flying solo this week, it’s particularly exhausting. Something had to give, and it was the rigid adherence to Whole30. This was not my hill to die on. And you know what? Today, as far as I can tell, they all stuck to Whole30, ate their lunches that they had packed the night before, and were in good moods at dinner. No one modified their meal or complained. As a matter of fact, we had a lot of fun and probably spent more time laughing than eating. The lesson? Control is a powerful thing. If my kids feel like things are under their control, they will do almost anything, and willingly. But if I give it as.. Read More

Whole30, Day Seven. Changin’ it up.

Wednesdays are my quiet day around here. We usually eat at my mom and dad’s on Wednesdays, and this week my sweet mom made homemade ketchup! Because of our crazy Whole30 thing she fixed a whole Paleo meal: pork chops cooked with onions and ketchup, potatoes and green beans. It was really sweet. Oh! I also made the salmon cakes that are in the It Starts With Food book. They were wonderful! A couple of the kids took them for lunches today. The others took the barbecue. No one took the slaw from yesterday. But the big thing today was that I changed the rules on the kids. I started thinking about how I had basically given them absolutely no choice on their lunches, and they also didn’t have much of a choice when it comes to social outings. For example, Paige had a meeting at school today at lunch. They served pizza! Of course I let Paige eat lunch with her friends but it got me thinking. I haven’t.. Read More

On Day Six I fed a crowd.

Bunco night! Usually a fun night for me, especially when I host. I love finding a fun theme and then pulling together an interesting menu complete with a couple of yummy desserts and a great mixed drink. Just typing that makes me sad. Bunco is a simple little dice game–it’s really a good excuse to get together and chat with friends. My group has been meeting together for more than fourteen years! I really love these women. What a disappointment to realize that Bunco night was day six, and worse yet I was hosting! I had two choices: I could just go to the store and buy all of my party food ready-made, and cook for the kids; or I could just cook Whole30 and let the kids eat the food I prepared for my friends. I went with the second choice, a bold move! I decided to make a slow-cooker pork roast and barbecue sauce and go with barbecue as a “theme.” I was inspired by Nom Nom Paleo’s.. Read More

Day Five? Yes.

Whole30. First, Larabars. Thank you, God, for Larabars. They are energy bars, Whole30 approved, and I was able to buy them at Publix and bring them to my wrestlers before practice. You would have thought it was actual manna from heaven. The girls also had one. I tried theirs and they were yummy–but I know the girls’ tastes have already started to shift because they absolutely wouldn’t have found them sweet enough even a week ago! Another frittata with asparagus and prosciutto for breakfast today. Lunch was a scrounge-in-the-fridge affair for all of us. I marinated a London Broil in a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and salt/pepper, tossed it in the oven and slow-cooked it for several hours. We had that along with the leftover curry and some dairy-free mashed potatoes. The sauce from the curry was just so good we needed something to soak it up with. Potatoes were just added recently to the “okay” list for Whole30, so we were good. Bill left town today and.. Read More