November was a whirlwind, with not one but two horse shows, including their first recognized show. Let me explain: the girls do a kind of riding called Eventing (or 3-day eventing). It’s an English discipline, really more like a triathlon for horses. In the short format there are three events that make up the competition; they are dressage, stadium jumping and cross-country jumping. If you mess up enough in one event, you get eliminated from the entire competition, so one of our goals is always to finish! The “recognized” show just means that the show is sanctioned by the United States Eventing Association, and the riders can accumulate points on the way to awards and eligibility for championships. Until last month we had only been to “schooling” shows, which are intended as practice for the recognized shows, a place to make mistakes or try moving up a level with the stakes a little lower. You still get ribbons, but they are smaller, and you also don’t get points or eligibility.. Read More