Hope your weekend is going great. The trees have turned in a spectacular way here in Georgia. Time to get out and make some pictures. Here are just a couple of things I’ve run across this week: Via Edwin Leap, Ten reasons why I am no longer a leftist. Twenty-five years ago, the Berlin wall came down.  Can you believe it was that long ago? Some thoughts from a former US soldier in Berlin:  The Fall of the Berlin Wall. (Via Instapundit) Christmas is coming. Least surprising news this week, I know. But have you seen Sew Mama Sew’s list of projects for a Handmade Holiday? She runs a museum that houses a Tudor warship! Here’s how she spends her day. I published mine first, but here is Michael Hyatt’s list of his ten most influential books. (You can listen to his podcast, too.) And for your listening pleasure… Timothy Keller’s sermons are always worth multiple hearings. I was surprised to see not one but three new ones on my.. Read More