I was quiet here a little longer than I expected! Sorry about that. We are deep into late fall school around here, and Halloween came and went. Halloween used to be a huge deal around here, with costume planning going on for weeks and weeks. With Halloween on a Friday this year, we had a football game! Jack had to play in the pep band, so it was just the girls at home for Halloween night. Paige gave out candy with her grandparents and Darcy went trick-or-treating with a friend. It seems like a long way from hanging out on the front porch with neighbors while we handed out candy. A little sad, but it’s a different season and so we are enjoying it. And Landmark won the game big, so that was great!   Saturday ushered in real wintery weather, forty degrees and windy! So we enjoyed a cozy day at home and all the girls pulled out their Uggs. Snuggly. Our big (good) news from this week is.. Read More