Yesterday I took at look at my month of writing. Here’s where I want to go: Change this blog format! Yes, my comments are wonky. Fix that. I want it to be more inviting, hold photos really, really well, and have an easy way to get my RSS feed or maybe even connect on Facebook. I would absolutely love to know what isn’t working for you on my blog, format-wise. What are your favorite features on blogs you love? Be relentlessly ordinary. I want to focus more on the seemingly mundane parts of our life. I love seeing that on my blog. Yes, it is selfish, but I’m writing for myself and my family, mostly, so that’s what I want to write about. Develop a regular schedule of some kinds of posts. In particular, I like to review the week, so I just need to pick a day. Sundays, I think. I also like holding myself accountable on my projects around the house. I think twice a month to check.. Read More