I thought that a review of the month would be my last post. But in reviewing my blog, I think it is better as two posts instead. Today, I want to review how this 31-day blog experiment has gone for me, what looks like it worked and what didn’t. Tomorrow, my post will be more forward-looking, to let you know where I’d like to go with this blog. I took on the 31-day blogging challenge only to see if I wanted to start blogging again. I didn’t have a topic–I was almost purposefully random. I definitely “tried on” different kinds of posts as the month went along. Some felt natural. Others were much less so, and I’m sure those stood out! I liked sharing the two Bible verses that I wrote about this month (a Proverb and several stories from Jeremiah). I loved having a bloggable article that hits me where I live and makes me think. I love having a place like this to ruminate. (Other people have empty.. Read More