I have really enjoyed trying to post every day–and this is my 28th straight post! Go, me. I’ve also been reading some other bloggers who are doing the 31-day challenge. Here are a few that have stood out for me: Samantha McGowan:  A twenty-something writes about life. I love her perspective! Carrie Owens Photography: Tips and tricks for capturing all the details of your life via photography. I wish she lived in Georgia! Notes in the Key of Life:  Cindy writes about aging gracefully. It’s great to read writers who are a little ahead of me on the journey. So many bloggers seem to be thirty-somethings with little kids. Copperlight Wood: Beautiful prayers from a mom in Alaska. Equally beautiful pictures. Grace Every Day: Beth is posting about 31 different evocative songs this month. Very fun! Tales From a Southern Catholic Momma: The Momma is relating her story of depression. Painful, but brave. The Hope Diaries: Marriage, infidelity, and redemption. Powerful. Adventurous Life with Christ: Robyn is telling her family’s.. Read More