When I used to write my blog I had a weekly review that I did. It was actually one of my favorite posts because I was able to track what happened in our family that way. I’m really super sleepy after having spent the entire evening at our barn party so I’ll see how this post goes tonight. Last Saturday was the Homecoming Dance. It’s one of only two dances for the High School (the other is Prom) so lots of kids go. Here are a couple of pictures, one of Matthew ready to go, and the other of Jack with some of his friends. The ninth graders went to a big group dinner, which of course shows the value in the parents organizing some social activities early on in their middle school career. The tenth grade isn’t really like that and I wish it were! Sunday was church and then a pretty relaxed afternoon. I was able to get the groceries bought, which always means that Monday is saner… Read More