That’s my son on the field!  In the white jersey.  Well, one of them, although I do love all those boys bunches.  We spent the evening more than an hour away from our home stadium, bringing it to another team 55-39.  It was a little closer than we would have liked. In spite of this being the first Friday in October, this is Matthew’s first game of the season.  The week before our season opener he suffered a concussion in practice.  Concussion recovery is a big deal, bigger than we understood.  Lots of missed school days, lots of sleep, and absolutely no physical activity for far longer than a strapping teenage boy wants to admit.  He did it, though, and got to return to the field with the full confidence of his coaches and doctor. Do I worry it will happen again?  Heck, yes, and so does he.  But he loves the game and his team and it is worth the risk. So we show up on Friday nights and.. Read More