This afternoon Bill and I worked concession at the middle school football game–it’s a service the varsity parents perform for the middle school parents, and they return the favor during varsity games.  The younger three kids didn’t want to stay, so they caught a ride home (Thanks, Aunt Stacy!). My oldest had football practice, concluding with team dinner.  Bill left concessions early to swing by home, grab dinner, and head out to a church meeting that will probably last another hour from now.  Late.  The other three kids ate, well, I don’t actually know when.  I know they ate, because there are very few ribs in the pan!  I was supposed to have a riding lesson late this evening, but I have shingles and I’m just not up to it.  So I’m actually home unexpectedly. This is all to just give you an example of one night in our home.  One.  Most are just as irregular–not chaotic, because we can plan for them, but not regular, and we don’t get.. Read More