Holding Butterflies

Not too tight, not too loose

One HOPEful weekend

Bill and I just returned from a crash course in microfinance in the Dominican Republic. Somehow we were invited on the HOPE International President’s Trip, somehow we decided to go, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are amazed at the people we met, from the HOPE and Esperanza employees, to the associates, to the fellow President’s Trip attendees. We are just grateful for the opportunity. In a nutshell, Esperanza.. Read More

Still in Dominican Republic!

Yesterday, we met a lady who took a microfinance loan from HOPE and Esperanza to start a clothing business. It did not go well. In fact, it failed. She regrouped, prayed, thought, and used the remaining money to buy a freezer. She now sells her complete ice cream inventory of $50 (US) every TWO DAYS. She is improving her home and has a savings account. And she is so proud.. Read More

Sharing Hope

With any luck, I’m actually in the Dominican Republic right now, visiting people who have benefited from the miracle of microfinance with HOPE International and Esperanza. I’d like to share a couple of videos: We are looking forward to sharing more this weekend!

Another benefit of blogging

Clarity! Actually, it’s any writing that helps. Stacks of journals…solid evidence that I used to write. A LOT. And then I drifted away. I’ve found in the past couple of days that this mulling, on the page or screen, helps a good bit with clarity. I was getting ready to have a difficult conversation and was feeling muddled. So I started listing out all the points I needed to make… Read More

When you just keep writing…

…because you said you’d do it 31 days in a row. That’s where I am. About 3 weeks ago, I got something in my eye. Dust, maybe. Later that day I noticed that the side of my face was swelling, in particular the lymph node right by my ear. So I made an appointment to see the doctor the next day. She saw some debris, rinsed and prescribed an antibiotic.. Read More

Scenes from our life

Blogging makes me notice and record. I love that! Some scenes and a couple of memories from today… One Matthew (Tenth Grade) has an assignment requiring him to identify a deity, a tragedy, and a bad leader from a civilization. He drew…Native Americans. Which is totally cool for the deity–tons!–and a tragedy–the Trail of Tears, HELLO, we live in Georgia. But when it came to the bad leader, he couldn’t.. Read More

Honest Answers

This was today’s Proverb on Daily Audio Bible (which is something you should really discover if you haven’t already. Different post. Ahem). Talk about getting smacked between the eyes. I think I could now re-title my month of writing as “31 days of honesty,” because that’s been my problem. I want to unpack this verse. It might take a couple of posts, even, because there is just so much going.. Read More


If I’m actually going to blog, I need a few things around here.  First, an “About” page.  I love looking at other people’s pages! An interesting and informative about page is actually one of the most likely reasons I’ll add a blog to my reader.  So I guess I need one. For my post today I created my “About Me” page.  Please click on the tab up there to check.. Read More

Explaining myself.

Scenes from this weekend, so far: Today, right now, is my favorite age for all my kids.  I love them so much, just like they are now, and if I could freeze them like they are right this second I would. Except.  Last week, and last year, and five years ago, I would have told you exactly the same thing.  Well, maybe not for the one in 6th grade.  Sixth.. Read More


That’s my son on the field!  In the white jersey.  Well, one of them, although I do love all those boys bunches.  We spent the evening more than an hour away from our home stadium, bringing it to another team 55-39.  It was a little closer than we would have liked. In spite of this being the first Friday in October, this is Matthew’s first game of the season.  The.. Read More